Hello! My name is Judith

Nice to meet you

I live in Munich with my dog Frida and I'm passionate about capturing beautiful moments. I love to travel and I combine traveling with good food and photography. I like to be out and about with a wide variety of couples and catch brief glances and hearty laughter. This is not only fun for my couples, but also makes me happy!

On your most beautiful day, I don't just want to accompany you photographically. You should enjoy the day together, relax and not have to do funny poses in front of the camera, just be yourself! You will get my full suppport and relaxed way!

Capturing the love between two people is what I live for. At the end of the day, if I can make others happy with my enthusiasm and the results, I know that I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone!

Random Facts

Plants baby!

You can never have enough plants! Free areas in the apartment are reserved for greenery. My friends are provided with babyplants and instead of clothes we go shopping for plants. If the weather is bad, you can go to the garden center for a little jungle feeling.


One of my greatest achievements is definitely that my dog can bark on command. Otherwise he likes to lie under the table waiting for my nephew to drop food. Loki also likes to collect socks when I decide to do the laundry.



I am the eldest of 5 children. It's crowded and noisy at our dining table, but that's where I feel most comfortable. We like to drink wine together or are still looking for Easter eggs in our parents' garden. Yes, it's still fun at 30.