Your most frequently asked questions answered

Traveling and discovering new places is one of my greatest passions, just like photography. That's why I'm always happy to take pictures at new locations! No distance is too long for me to accompany you. And most of the time it's even cheaper than you think. Let's talk about how we can take the most beautiful photos at your dream location! 

It might sound strange, but actually 99% of my couples say this. Even when I was modeling, I thought the same of myself (I only enjoyed modeling because I could watch other photographers. Very exciting!). I understand you all too well! That's why I'm happy when you are going to be relieved and even surprised at how relaxed the photo shoot was! We're going for a walk and I'm taking photos of you two. No weird poses, no forced smiles! You can talk, laugh, look at each other all the time and above all take a deep breath! 

So the Italians say "sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata", which means something like "bathed bride, happy bride".
Direct sunlight is usually not that good for photographers. We prefer soft light, which you get with some clouds or at sunset.
If it rains, of course we still take nice photos. Cuddling together under a transparent umbrella on which the water pearls collect... oh, that's something.
So relax, we always plan with option B!

Unfortunately, after so many years, this has happened before. My devices are all insured, so it doesn't matter. But of course I don't want to stand there without a camera at the most important moment. Luckily I don't always have one or two, but three cameras with me. Better safe than sorry 😉 

I usually go to weddings by myself. I love being in undercover mode and mingling with guests to capture the most natural of moments. Sometimes I take a second photographer with me if there are many guests or the location is very large. Let's talk about a second photographer and if this makes sense for you and your day. 

You have chosen me to be your wedding photographer (yay!) and now you want to make sure that I am showing up on your wedding day. Your booking will be fixed by an appointment reservation fee. Once that's done, all other requests for that day will be cancelled and you won't get rid of me.

Within a radius of 100 km from Munich center you won't have to worry about travel expenses! It's my gift to you. Yay! For longer distances, the travel costs will be calculated individually. I am happy to give you a more detailed description of the expected travel costs in the offer. For longer or very early weddings it makes sense for me to arrive the day before to avoid delays due to traffic jams, increased traffic or delayed trains, etc. Only the route, but not the travel time to the location, will be charged.

Sometimes a good party lasts until the early hours of the morning. After giving my all at your wedding (and danced properly at the end), I can no longer drive a car for longer periods that night. In the case of a very long or a wedding further away, it is great when you have a bed for me. I'm happy to discuss who should take care of the accommodation and other details individually. 

After your wedding or photo shoot, you will receive an invoice from me as a pdf via email. This should be paid within 14 days. Additional costs (such as travel expenses or additional hours) will be added and the appointment reservation fee will be refunded, i.e. deducted from the total amount. It's all summarized here.

Let me know if you would prefer to pay in installments.

Nach der aufregenden und schönen Hochzeit bekommt ihr innerhalb von zwei Wochen bereits eine Preview mit einer kleinen Auswahl meiner persönlichen Lieblingsfotos. Etwa sieben bis acht Wochen später habt ihr dann alle Hochzeitsfotos in der Hand.

Of course you are proud and like to show your photos! That makes me super happy! So the photos can be shared online as long as a clear reference to the photographer is visible, e.g. photos from www.judithstoop.com. Or you can link to my official Facebook page facebook.com/JudithStoopPhotography or Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/judith.stoop/ 

Since you booked me based on the photos you have already seen on my website, you will understand how important it is for me as a photographer to show my work. Therefore, I am grateful for all the couples who let me show a small selection of photos. Of course I'm proud of the photos we create together! If you don't want this, please let me know. 





Yes, I love photographing people and getting to know them. I often take pictures of “my” couples later in life when their family is growing, which always makes me particularly happy! But also portrait photos and especially branding/business photos for other entrepreneurs inspire me a lot. 


If I missed to answer your question or you just want to say hi, feel free to email me!
I'm looking forward to your message!