How much do you like looking at photos from the past? Holiday selfies? Photos from meetings with friends? Engagement photos are not just a super nice reminder of you, how you are together and what you looked like. The change during pregnancy is enormous and of course you want to hold on to this memory forever. At the latest when you want to get married (as is the case with Kathi and Robert) and are thinking about the photos that are going to go on the invitation cards, you are super happy about photos like these!

I met Kathi before the shoot to make flower wreaths. Super relaxed and just a nice accessory that brings a little spring feeling to the shoot, even though it was already the end of summer. Then we drove to Riem to a place where the sun shines for a long time and nobody bothers us. Here we just joked around a bit, laughed a lot in between and the two had plenty of time to cuddle.


This is the photo that can now be seen on the beautiful wedding invitations of the two:

Babybauch Fotoshooting in München